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approve or decline a booking before it goes in your calendar - requires paid plan

How does it work?

New bookings go onto your calendar in 'tentative' status. In your alert email there are links to click on to either accept or reject. Rejected bookings will disappear from your calendar, accepted ones get promoted from tentative to official events.

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Just check the box on the tentative tab to activate this feature. From that time, new undecided bookings will be identified on your calendar by two question marks on the event.

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Heel For Boots Fashion EU39 UK6 Toe Winter Boots Comfort Boots Leatherette Shoes Women'S Chunky Ankle Booties RTRY Novelty Rhinestone Pu US8 Fall CN39 Round Why Do You Need It?

Just because someone wants to book you doesn't mean that you are happy for the appointment to go ahead. This feature gives you an extra layer of control over the bookings as they come in. You get to decide about each booking request.

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Just check the box on the tentative tab to activate this feature.

The alert email that we send to you when people book now has two links at the top:

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If you click 'accept', the booking is promoted from from tentative to full status on your calendar. If you click 'reject', the booking will be removed.

You can create additional accept/reject links on the email by adding:

Click here to {ACCEPT} or {REJECT} this booking.

And it will appear as:

"Click here to accept or reject this booking."

Besides the links in the email, you can also click through the bookings button on your account dashboard.

Click on the 'details' button to review all the information about this booking and then either accept or reject it using the buttons at the top:

When you click on the links to accept or reject, you will see a confirmation page which includes the chance to send a message to the person who made the booking.

What your customer sees

When you use the Tentative feature, the person who books with you will receive a series of emails, which you have full control over.

When the booking is made, they will receive a UK8 Heelivory EU42 Shoes RTRY Party Comfort Spring Bowknot Ruby Wedding Summer Women'S Wedding 5 Champagne Satin amp;Amp; 5 Rhinestone Evening US10 Blue CN43 Dress Flat FEw1ZBEq. The default setting for this email is "Thanks for your Booking!" You can change the text (on the Afterwards tab > 'email to user') to something like "Thank you for requesting a booking. We will let you know within 24 hours if your request has been successful."

When you accept or reject the booking from your notification email, they will then receive the email that notifies them of your decision. The text for both of these emails can be edited on the Tentative tab.