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Turn your commute or leisure drive into a thrill ride with a sports car. With plenty of features to choose from, sports models put power and style into every ride.

View our ratings and reviews, and browse our buying guide to find the best sports car to fit your budget.

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Roadsters (3) Roadsters are purpose-built two-seaters that are (usually) fun to drive. Choose a roadster if you're looking for a fast, sporty car that prioritizes performance over comfort and quietness. Roadsters are not built for practicality; they lack interior and trunk space and most sit low to the ground. Roadsters
Sports/sporty cars under $40,000 (11) Sports cars can transform a mundane commute into a thrill ride. No matter the price, the cars’ extroverted styling, athletic handling, and spirited engines can bring out the aspiring race-car driver in anyone. More affordable models tend to emphasize handling over acceleration. Sports/sporty cars under $40,000
Sports/sporty cars over $40,000 (7) As the price increases, often so does the performance and luxury with sports cars. There are many premium-branded coupes and convertibles that combine driving enjoyment with a luxurious experience. And there are some truly muscular cars that can deliver extraordinary performance. Sports/sporty cars over $40,000

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The sports car category ranges from models that merely have sporty styling or appearance packages to full-on performance-focused coupes, sedans, hatchbacks, and roadsters that can accelerate briskly and tackle corners with agility and sure-footed competence. Often, the high-performance quotient comes at the price of a hard, noisy ride and limited passenger or cargo space. Compromises are common, ... but these cars exist primarily to entertain the driver.  Show more
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